Alanna Emmerton
22 years old, 4th Year Fashion
Edinburgh College of Art
Hong Kong / Edinburgh

Artist. Fashion Designer. Holistic Living Enthusiast


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Mysore Yoga Day 2 & 3 :

I was warned that the first few days of practice is the ‘detox period’ but maaaann do I feel it. Its a strange correlation as I feel my mind become clearer as my body release its toxins making me feel heavy and sluggish. My body aches, muscles I didn’t know I had ache! I would have though the pain would hinder me from doing more poises but everyday as I step into the yoga room, with its warm and comforting atmosphere, the pains and aches seem to fall away as I am overcome with a determination to keep going. Only after 2 days of this morning practice, I have done things I never thought imaginable such as holding my entire body weight off the floor in lotus (crossed legged position), band bends and shoulder stands. You progress so quickly, it actually blows my mind! The teachers all seem to know a secret we don’t as they come over to adjust you in a way that motivates you to solider through. It seems they know better than we do of what we are capable off. Such an example is when my teacher lead me through shoulder stands, saying things like ‘do it, because you can’ like some how she knew my body was capable of what my mind didn’t think possible.  It really enforces the idea that 'anything is possible if you just believe',  we all have such powerful strength locked within us waiting to be unleashed.