Alanna Emmerton
22 years old, 4th Year Fashion
Edinburgh College of Art
Hong Kong / Edinburgh

Artist. Fashion Designer. Holistic Living Enthusiast


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How to get the beauty look

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Just my cup of tea

I have just stocked up on my teas. I have never been a coffee drinker, but I drink a lot of herbal teas! Here are the ones I drink almost daily.

Green tea: Forget coffee. Rise and shine with this high in antioxidant and naturally caffeinated kick. A great way to wake up, start the day and sustain energy.

Peppermint: Good to have after meals as it aids digestion. It is anti-inflammatory and  encourages circulation in the body. It also aids sinus issues and headaches. It is very refreshing and calming.

Vanilla Rooiboo: Caffeine free, low in tannins and high in antioxidants which support your immune system against free radicals. Naturally sweet, it is a nice treat when you want something sweet without nasty sugars. 

Cammomile: Immune boosting and antibacterial properties help fight against colds and viruses. It is calming and relaxing which promotes better sleep. It’s my sleepy time tea to settle into bed.  

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When I was in Barcelona a few summers ago, I fell in love with Tiger Nut Milk and it became a staple to my breakfast. I wasn’t even sure what it was exactly but it was delicious! It has a sweet nutty taste and reminded me of the local soy milk you could get on the streets of Hong Kong. After I left Spain I simply forgot about it until I saw Tiger Nuts on sale in my local health food store. After a bit of research I found that they were chock full of goodness! Great to snack on, I might even attempt to create my own Tiger Nut Milk.

Tiger Nuts Benefits: 

Tiger Nuts come from California, Europe, Northern African, and even Florida and have been around for over 4,000 years. 

- Full of great protein, carbs, plus have all the Vitamin E that you need,plus Vitamin C and B’s too.

- Contain lots of great minerals such as: iron, copper, zinc, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and lots of calcium for strong bones and healthy tissues.

- A great anti-inflammatory agent working well for inflammatory based diseases such as arthritis and inflammation of the GI tract with a astringent action.

-Beneficial to ulcers of the gums, and other mouth inflammation diseases. Tiger Nuts helps with stress by helping the body to stay centered and balanced.

- Are diuretic helping to get rid of excess fluid, and sooth away bladder and prostate inflammation too.

- Good source on fiber, benefitical for constipation and weight loss.

- Stimulate the immune system thus helping to prevent cardiovascular disease, strokes and even cancer as they contains lots of Oleic Acid which helps lower cholesterol, triglycerides, and prevent hardening of the arteries.

- Full of antioxidants combining with free radicals to prevent disease and slow the aging process.

-Tiger Nut oil is very similar to Olive Oil with many of the same health benefits.

'Tiger Nuts make a very cooling sweet drink called Tiger Nut Milk. It contains Tiger Nuts, water, lemon peel, and cinnamon… and it’s similar to oatmeal drinks and sesame drinks in other countries. And Tiger Nuts are also used in the production of some types of beer, cosmetics, condiments, livestock feed, flour (gluten free), syrups and some looking at Tiger Nuts as a healthy snack food.

There has been a lot of interest in Tiger Nuts because they a cheap source of good nutrition that could feed the world, and Tiger Nut plants grow like weeds.’

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母親節快樂! Happy Mother’s Day to the feistiest lady around! Thank you for teaching me everything I know. Love you 媽媽 x x x

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Productive Procrastination


Today when I woke up I knew it was going to be one of those days where nothing work related was going to get done. I was so exhausted from the routine of ‘eat,sleep,sew’. So I decided, fuck it, I’m going to have a me-day! I did all the small things I had been meaning to do for ages like:

cook a proper meal (salmon, kale, brown rice and lime dressing- yum!)

make a honey face mask

blend a deliciousness smoothie (apple, blue berries, banana spinach & mint)

skype my sister who is in Sydney

cleaned & rearrange my room cause the feng shui just wasn’t flowing

challenged myself to a 5Km run- done!

At the end of the day I was feeling a little guilty that I hadn’t been working but too often I think we ignore the voice within telling us that we need to give ourselves a break. I just needed to do something for myself. Simple as it may be,  I know that everything I did today will make tomorrow a little bit better, brighter and hopefully a little more productive. :)